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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

A Hypothetical Future

Imagine the following story.
From the Washington Post - June 5, 2007:

Today the House Judiciary Committee voted to impeach President Bush after an independent investigation found the Bush Administration to be seriously negligent in its duties to secure the nation's borders despite warnings from the American public and many leading politicians. The investigation was the result of the worst terrorist attack in U.S. history, in which Al Qaeda detonated a radiological device in New York City.

The investigation revealed that several members of Al Qaeda were found to have entered the U.S. illegally across the Mexico/Arizona border last year. Although many Senators have warned the President about such a possibility, the investigation concluded that the nation simply "was not on war footing" and was ill-prepared to handle the flood of illegal immigrants entering the country. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales was also criticized in the report for being too concerned about potential racial profiling and "anti-immigrant" complaints.

Hillary Clinton, leading Democratic candidate for President stated, "I have been saying for two years that we need to establish an orderly and legal immigration process. The president has betrayed us." Other leading senators, including Ted Kennedy and Barbara Boxer, echoed similar statements, saying that "the President's first priority is to secure our borders; in this, President Bush has failed."

Chris Simcox, founder of the Minuteman project, who was imprisoned last year after the ACLU brought charges against him for harrassing two Mexican immigrants, had no comment on Bush's impeachment. After Simcox's imprisonment, the Minuteman project disbanded and the members went home. This allowed a new flood of illegals to come across the border unabated.
Hillary Clinton has been fighting to pardon Simcox for his duty to his country and bringing attention to the border problem two years ago.

Despite cries from both Democrats and Republicans, the complaints fell on deaf ears within the Bush Administration. The signs were very clear that the American public was calling for reform, but now, regrettably, it's too late. What has been one of the most successful administrations in history will now almost surely be judged harshly by history.