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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Democrats Sink to New Lows in Fundraising

If Republicans pulled a stunt like this, there would be outrage from Democrats and various media organizations for weeks. The GOP would be labelled as insensitive to all cancer patients and the fight against cancer. (Thanks to Joe in NY for the heads up.)

In an effort to raise money for Democratic political groups, a Democratic political action committee called ThinkBlue Dems is selling blue wristbands that mimic Lance Armstrong's foundation to raise money for cancer survivors. The Democratic group replicated Armstrong's yellow "Live Strong" bracelet with their own "Think Blue" imprint.

In a slap to cancer patients, survivors and supporters, ThinkBlue Dems seems to equate the fight against cancer with supporting Democratic politicians. This is pretty low, even for a Democratic PAC. But no standards are too low for the party of Michael Moore and George Soros.