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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

GSA Scandal is Peanuts Compared to Obama

OK. I'll first say I know almost nothing about the latest GSA scandal. What I know is that 300 federal employees took a trip to Vegas and the bill came to about $2700 per person, or $800K in total.

So $800K is $800,000. It isn't $800 million (an amount similar to what Obama spent on Solyndra which went belly-up). It's isn't $800 billion which was the the amount of Obama's first failed stimulus program. And it's not $8 trillion, which is about the amount Obama will have added to our national debt by the time he's done (actually closer to $6 trillion, but close enough).

Yes, $800K is REAL money. But not in Obama land. It's a speck of sand on the beach in his world. Michelle Obama spent half this amount just to go on vacation in Spain (ie. there was no work involved). The Obamas recently spent $4 million to go on vacation in Hawaii. The president himself spent $170MM on his own inauguration.

My point is that if we're looking to stop corruption and wasteful spend, we need to start at the top of the government, not the bottom. Sure, every penny counts, but for the president's inauguration, he spent $47,222 PER SECOND of taxpayer money. Where's the outrage?