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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Muslim Gets Free T-shirt at Airport

There's been a few stories about this Muslim man, currently living in the US and his recent situation at JFK airport. I hesitate to give more creedence to the story by talking about it, but I find it amazing that people find his story interesting and maybe even unjust.

The man was at JFK (just back from a trip to the middle east), wearing a t-shirt which says in Arabic, We Will Not Be Silent. He's evidently surprised that he has to check his shoes. Then after being checked, Jetblue employees ask him if he could turn his shirt inside out as some people have complained. The man again is surprised that upon entering a plane, that an anti-US t-shirt written in Arabic could ever be deemed offensive, and on a plane no less! Could someone donate some money so he can buy a clue!

Then he makes a big to-do about how this is against his constitutional rights blah blah blah. It's amazing that this man feels threatened by Jetblue employees when they want to handle it in "a nice way" but is not offended whatsoever when Lebanese people shout at him and tell him "you better get the hell out of here" as they hate Americans. The awful result of this ordeal is that the man gets a free New York t-shirt because he refused to turn his own inside out.

This guy needs to get out a little more! First, I'm double checked almost every time I step foot in an airport, and other than being a male between 20-40, I have no terror profile in me. This man, with his travel, arab appearance, and his t-shirt should surely be triple checked every time - sorry buddy but your t-shirt ain't helping your situation! And on his consitititional rights, hey - say what you want, except yelling fire in a crowded theatre. But wearing a pro-Arab t-shirt on a plane in this environment is something you just can't do anymore.

If this man is looking at someone to blame - let me help - it's muslim terrorists that have resulted in increased security on planes.