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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Minnesota Going Back to Selected Machine Counts?

As everyone now knows, Norm Coleman won Minnesota's Senate election on November 4th. Franken complained, so they recounted all ballots by hand. Coleman won again. Now Democrat Secretary of State wants to selectively use totals from election day in districts that help Franken, but totals from the recount if they also help Franken.

On election night, a Minneapolis district accidentally ran through 129 ballots for Franken twice, according to elections director Cindy Reichert. During the hand recount, the district came up 133 votes short for Franken. So the Dems want the original (wrong) count to be validated. So why bother with the hand recount in the first place??

Ann Coulter has a good question: Why do guys named Al always try to steal elections?