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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Frasier Explains Truth About Obama Mortgage Plan

Kelsey Grammer criticized Obama's mortgage plan, putting it into plain language for anyone with a first-grade education (so that some Liberals will also understand):

GRAMMER: It may not be a popular position to take but I honestly believe that the bill is fraught with the idea that those who did the most damage to our country -- from the bottom up and the top down -- are the ones that are actually going to get the most reward.

Obama made it clear that there are two types of mortgage borrowers: 1) those that are current but are underwater; and 2) those that are in default, have stopped paying altogether and went in over their heads. Under his plan, the second group gets bailed out by the taxpayers, while he expects the first group to bend over and not complain that they are bailing out their neighbors while still losing money themselves.