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Sunday, February 08, 2009

Hartford Courant: We Can't Believe Christopher Dodd

Democrat Sen. Chris Dodd's hometown newspaper, the Hartford Courant, explains that Sen. Dodd lied on July 25, 2008 when he said that he didn't have the Countrywide loan documents. A Chicago PR firm that Dodd hired with campaign funds to defend him released a document on July 22 with those exact documents given to them by Dodd.

Dodd knew at the end of July that not only had he obtained internal Countrywide documents that he now relies on for his murky defense, but he also had to have known that those documents had been given to a financial firm to review and apply to the market conditions that existed in 2003.

Maybe last Monday he forgot what he'd said at the end of July, since it was one more invention in eight months of them. Perhaps Dodd thought no one would compare the dates. Someone in his office or at the law firm he's hired to represent him must have known Dodd risked revealing the grimy truth Monday when he trotted out that report.

Monday's revelation tells us something we are reluctant to conclude about a leader: We cannot believe Christopher Dodd.