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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Obama's Spending Cuts...

About those spending cuts that Obama claims he is making. I've been thinking how he could ever possibly come up with that whopper. has the answer:

So here's how he comes up with $1.6 trillion of his $2 trillion in "cuts:" He takes the 2008, peak-of-the-surge cost of the Iraq War as our permanent Iraq War spending baseline. He extends that out ten years -- including goosing it down the line for inflation.

Then he notes that he's ending a war which was actually pretty much ended by our troops (and the Iraqis, too) by defeating Al Qaeda and ending the insurgency.

Then he says, "Hey, man, look -- every year I'm going to be saving money on those Iraq War costs! Count it as a 'cut'!"

That sounds about right. I frankly couldn't come up with any other way he is going to really cut spending; it's just this fictitious spending that he's cutting.