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Friday, October 02, 2009

Barack Obama Protects His Own

The nonfarm payroll jobs report came out today. Another 263,000 jobs lost in September. And Since September '08, the economy has lost 5.75 million jobs. That's right - remember when Obama was campaigning - he first promised to create 3 million jobs, then 2 million, then he moved the goal posts and promised to create or save 2 million jobs. Well - he's about 8 million jobs in the hole right now. But here's the worst part of it. If you look at where the jobs have been lost by industry, year over year, we can see some very interesting facts. Here are job losses by certain industries:

Construction -15%
Manufacturing -12%
Trucking -9%
Autos -8%
Finance -5%
Retail -5%
State government -1%
Local government -1%


So while the rest of America is being forced to lay off workers in a weak economy, Barack Obama is expanding government, and acting like it's 1999. Not sure if Obama can feel people's pain, nor is he pretending to - no wonder people get angry that he's flying to Copenhagen, while the new unemployment rate announced is 9.8%.

Richie Rich added: Of course he only cares about protecting his friends - this is precisely why he wants the Olympics in Chicago. Who do you think benefits when the real estate values skyrocket there? Rezko, Wright, Ayers, Daley, Obamas and all the other Chicago cronies...