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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Obama Says His Asia Trip To Boost U.S. Economy

Obama sure has an interesting view of his foreign trips. Despite no tangible results from his trip last week to Asia, he claims that he might have helped create thousands of jobs. Just in case there were businessmen who didn't know that Asia existed and they were capable of buying U.S. products:

"Asia is a region where we now buy more goods and do more trade with than any other place in the world -- commerce that supports millions of jobs back home."

According to the AP,

The president pitched his trip as a way to reintroduce the U.S. to those trading partners, including China.

This too makes complete sense because there are probably millions of Asian businessmen who had no idea that the U.S. was a large market open to buying their goods. By the way, since when did Obama support free trade? He certainly didn't vote for any of President Bush's free trade bills.