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Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Election Day Predictions

Today Democrats will be rewarded for the Pelosi-Reid Congress of the last 4 years.

...I think that at least two Leftist journalists cry on the air tonight, before telling us that Republicans now own the economy.

...I think that Obama and his wife tell us that the U.S. is once again too bitter and perhaps, too stupid to know what's good for us.
...I think that FoxNews beats all the big 3 networks in ratings.

And finally, I see 72 House seats and 10 Senate seats gained by the GOP (big numbers and things will have to break strong for the GOP).

One big question mark for the Senate is WV, where the Dem candidate, Manchin, a popular Governor, has done a good job of running strident anti-Obama ads (one where he shoots a bullet through Obama's cap-and-trade agenda). But it really doesn't matter - he will be up again in 2 years, so he should be a decently reliable conservative vote.