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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Obama's Making Friends Internationally Again

Wait - I thought Obama was going to mend all of our damaged international relationships and that the US was again going to be everyone's friend. Sounds like most of Obama's people have been either criticizing most of the world's leaders, including our allies, or they've been ordered by Hillary to spy on them. I would ask: is anyone surprised?

Many of the revelations are harmless - like calling the Russian Premier "Robin." But many others, may mean that world leaders will not trust the US to keep a secret, like in the case of the Saudi diplomat who begged the US to attack Iran. Well - this guy has been "outed."

Anyone remember when Hillary had taken all those FBI files illegally on prominent Republican leaders when Bill was Prez? Shouldn't be surprised here either.

Somewhere GW Bush might be smiling: Miss me yet?