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Friday, December 24, 2010

Obama Deep in Self-Love

With pundits from the left (and a few from the right) starting to proclaim Obama the "Comeback Kid," I think we should reflect. Just because Obama say's he's great, doesn't mean it is so, no matter how many times he said it this week. Here is what Obama bragged about this week (courtesy of Dana Milbank of The Washington Post):

"The most productive post-election period we've had
in decades."
"The most productive two years that we've had in generations."
"The most significant arms-control agreement in nearly two decades."
"The biggest upgrade of America's food-safety laws since the Great
"Al-Qaeda is more hunkered down than they have been since the
original invasion of Afghanistan in 2001."

OK. I think the President needs to calm himself down. If only the American public also believed that he is that good. Just because he passed stuff (yes he was successful in passing a lot of "stuff " this year), doesn't mean this "stuff" will be successful. It also doesn't mean that Americans like it or will like it. Let's wait and see if America will love Obama as much as he loves himself.