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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Obama Approval Ratings Down

I hadn't looked at Obama's Disapproval Ratings in a while, reason being that with his so-called "move to the center" which the media has been pushing and spreading, I figured he would have had a short-term bump, and he did.

But this week something changed - his disapproval ratings are climbing again. Actually the percentage of Americans who strongly supports Obama is now at an all time low, according to Rasmussen, at 21%.

What's the reason? I guess it's just Obama being himself again. For a few weeks in December/January, he acted and spoke more centrist, even though most knew it was just all talk. But as soon as a real crisis breaks, like what's happening in Wisconsin, Obama is himself again. He came out and said Governor Walker's policy was basically "an assault on the unions."

My guess is Americans want to cut costs, rather than to support the unions.