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Friday, March 18, 2011

Deval Wants to Talk with Fidelity (Now?)

Deval Patrick certainly has egg on his face. His big idea was to travel the world, shake a few hands, dine with diplomats, and see if he could generate some business for Massachusetts. While he was doing that, Fidelity, one of Massachusetts' big employers announced that they would be moving 1100 workers to Rhode Island and New Hampshire who have offered the company favorable tax deals.

Certainly looks bad for the governor. He could have walked 2 blocks to have a meeting with Fidelity, and could have perhaps "preserved" some jobs. Ironically, he decided to travel the world, and he hasn't come up with any new deals.

Now Patrick says he wants the meeting with Fidelity (that he should have already had). He says "I want them to say that to my face..." Not sure if that is the type of language that Ned Johnson normally warms to.

Maybe Patrick doesn't know this, but to keep businesses in your state, sometimes you need to throw them a deal, like Massachusetts's neighbors have done. One piece of advice to Patrick: think of what Obama would do in this situation.... then do the opposite.