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Thursday, June 02, 2011

No Jobs for Teens in Boston: Blame Dems

Boston Mayor Tom Menino is calling on businesses to hire more teens this summer. I can understand this, as the unemployment rate is something like 30% for teenagers. And often a teenager out of work can be a teenager getting into trouble.

But remember back in 2006, when Democrats took back the Congress for the first time? Remember their famous 100 hour plan to increase wages under the Fair Minimum Wage Act of 2007. Remember all the economists saying this would hurt employment, particularly for teens? Well, Democrats didn't listen, and Pelosi and her democratic friends deserve all the credit.

But let's not exclude the President either. President Obama also deserves a fair amount of the credit. Remember he vowed to crack down and investigate unpaid internships as violating labor laws? Is it possible that companies are hiring less because of Obama's threat? Thanks to Obama, a lot of kids that could be getting experience in the workforce aren't.

The economy sucks. I get that. And we can debate why that is and who deserves the credit for that. But it's certainly worse for teens and lower skilled workers because of the anti-business practices set forth by Obama, Pelosi, and many Democrats.