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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Boston Firefigher/Body-Builder Wins Case

This has been a famous case in the Boston area. Albert Arroyo was a fire-fighter in Boston for 20 years, until he claimed that a back injury prevented him from returning to work in 2008. He then filed for permanent disability, where he hoped to receive $65,000/year in pensions.

Well, 6 weeks after filing for his claim, he was found participating in a bodybuilding competition. (See video). He was seen in the gym working out multiple times per week. He was also pitching in a baseball league. This is the same man who said it was "too painful to bend down and pick up a piece of paper."

Prosecutors charged fraud. Arroyo admitted filing the papers for permanent disability and even mentioned that it was a mistake, and then later, that he didn't know what he was signing.

Anyway, the verdict came yesterday. Acquitted. Unbelievable.

By the way, Albert today works at a LA Fitness to support himself, but may reapply to the fire department.