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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Republicans Win as Obama Loses Two Seats in NY, NV

Yesterday there were held 2 special congressional elections for seats, both lost in resignations over sex scandals - one was a republican seat, the other a democratic. In both cases yesterday, Republicans picked up the seats, and in New York it is now the first time a Republican candidate has held the seat since the 1920's. Keep in mind that in this NY district, registered Democrats outnumber Republicans 3 to 1! Obama loves to talk about "historical" elections and he should as he had a good role to play, particularly in NY yesterday.

The outcome can only be called a referendum on Obama, as both Republican candidates repeatedly linked the democratic candidates to Obama. Obama stayed away from the campaigning for fear that his Midas Touch would continue it's hot streak when it comes to "special elections. (His campaigning helped Republicans gain the governorships in VA, then NJ, then a Senate seat in MA, and then Senate seat in PA.).

But even though Obama tried to stay away, his "spirit" continues to haunt Democratic candidates, even those trying to distance themselves from him. Democrats poured tons of big guys, like Bill Clinton, and loads of money into NY, to try to hold onto the seat. But it was to no avail - the power of Obama is too strong. Again it dragged down the democratic candidate in a big election in a district that Al Gore won 2-1 back in 2000.

This is only the beginning of an anti-Obama trend that started about 2 years ago with special elections, got stronger last year in the 2010 elections, and will continue until he is out of office. It's just beginning!