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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Boston Occupiers Starting to Complain

In an amazingly ironic twist of fate, the occupiers in Boston are getting a dose of their own medicine. Evidently occupiers are now beginning to complain about the truly homeless people who have begun to bother them. According to the Boston Herald:

Demonstrator Andrew Warner, 36, said homeless people are hijacking tents, getting drunk, “passing out” and stealing.“It’s turning into us against them,” Warner said. “They come in here and they’re looking at it as a way of getting a free meal and a place to crash, which is totally fine, but they don’t bring anything to the table at all. It gets really frustrating.”

Hmm. I thought they'd like people who don't bring anything to the table. Ironic isn't it? Additionally there were other reports:

...some homeless people have been hoarding free items, including donated coats... “They’re getting more than they need and trading it off. What we noticed is all the new jackets are disappearing quickly.”

Wow - imagine that. They are giving away free items and people are taking more than they should, even though they haven't earned it. I think this demonstator may have just shown why socialism/communism doesn't work. But isn't that exactly what they're demonstrating in favor of?

Welcome to the real world guys.