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Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Jindal Wins Landslide Victory in Louisiana but Media Yawns

Bobby Jindal won an election two weeks ago for Governor of Louisiana but you wouldn't know it, as the media has all but ignored the results. (Republicans won all seven elections). Even more glaring is that he won by 48% to his nearest challenger! Even more remarkable is that Jindal is only the fourth Republican governor in his state in the last 125 years.

All of this leaves me scratching my head - as I have seen hardly any coverage of this huge victory. It's possible that it was expected and so the media doesn't care but I have a feeling if an Indian-American Democrat had won a landslide election in a huge Republican state, like say, Texas, then we'd be hearing a lot more about what the election means for 2012. I suspect if the media were to mention his win, then they'd have to speculate on what this means for Obama next year, which is something they don't really want to talk about.

By the way, Republicans (and Democrats) should take note: Jindal cut the budget by 25% and still achieved this victory.