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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Obama Making Friends Again: This Time China

Chinese officials don't like the fact that Obama is blaming the US's economic woes on their country. I'd say this to them: stand in line!

For the first two years of his Presidency, Obama blamed the previous administration on average, about 14 times per speech for the poor economy. I'd say it's lessened slightly over the past year - maybe down to about 7-9 times per speech now. Recently he blamed Europe, Japan, and the Middle East for America's problems. He's also been blaming Wall Street and banks for his woes. Then he blamed the Tea Party for a while. Over the past month or two, he seems to be blaming Congress for not doing enough, even though he's the president.

Always plenty of blame to go around! This might be the one thing that Obama seems to be good at.