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Monday, December 19, 2011

Demint Slams Congress for 2012 Spending

Jim Demint describes what's been happening in Congress this year. It's happened a number of times already:

1. Republicans submit a bill to reduce spending
2. Democrats submit a bill to increase spending
3. Democrats threaten to shut government down if Republicans don't increase spending
4. Republicans give in

This just happened again, and Demint explains 2012 spending will be above 2011 by $21 billion dollars. Everyone just signed the 1000 page monstrosity so they could go on their Christmas vacations.

Demint puts a lot of the blame on Republicans for not being strong. Sure - it's the dems who are threatening to shut the government down, and the media will report it as the Republicans fault. But Republicans need to be strong, and they're not.

I will continue to blame McConnell and Boehner for this. They are the leaders and the ones who let this happen. I agree with Demint when he says:

We, as elected politicians, must do what we say. Our country is rapidly approaching dire consequences and Republicans must be willing to do everything possible to save this country.

Wish Demint would run for President. While he has great ideas in the Senate, he seems powerless to get anything done since he's not in charge.