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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Guardian UK: Don't Worry, We're Still Warming

After experiencing the worst snowstorm in a couple of decades and one of the coldest December/January periods, I thought I might find at least one article in a British newspaper questioning global warming. After all, it's healthy to question things. Also, it's pretty hard to keep telling people that it's so nice and warm, when it's freezing and there's snow on the ground.

In Today's Guardian, David Adam and Damian Carrington quote nobody specifically, but use general term of "scientists" saying that

The trend towards warmer weather as global warming takes hold will make snow less frequent over the coming decades.

Ok, they also quote the Met Office, a UK governmental department saying:

the heavy snow was nothing to do with climate change. It's down to good old-fashioned natural variability in weather... We're just having a very cold winter.

The authors admit that 2008 was the coldest year since 2000 but again quote random "scientists" when saying:

any suggestion that this means that global warming is slowing, or not happening at all, is firmly rebuffed by scientists. Furthermore, there is a clear explanation for the cooling - a phenomenon called La NiƱa, which is characterised by unusually cold ocean temperatures in the equatorial Pacific Ocean.

In other words - ignore the fact that you're freezing your butt off. It's still warming. Don't you love when they quote that guy - the scientist? He's sooo all-knowing and he seems to pop up everywhere.

Interesting that when you have one hot day, the Guardian will rush to print a story describing how we're all fried in 3 years time, but when we see two full months of cold weather - that's just explained away because we should just trust these unbelievable nameless scientists.

I think it would really take a full-blown Ice Age, and the extinction of mankind on two continents for some people to even question global warming. Can't we at least question it?