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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Obamacare Rammed Through By Cowards

The Democrats plan on ramming Obamacare through the Senate on Christmas Eve at 9 pm. Peter Wehner sums up this historic achievement:

This health-care bill may well be historic, but not in the way the president thinks. I’m not sure we’ve ever seen anything quite like it: passage of a mammoth piece of legislation, hugely expensive and unpopular, on a strict party-line vote taken in a rush of panic because Democrats know that the more people see of ObamaCare, the less they like it.

The other interesting point is that Democrats have apparently attempted to make this legislation permanently binding, meaning that no Congress could ever repeal it. If this were constitutional, why wouldn't the majority make every law permanent and non-repealable? Sen. DeMint brought up this point.