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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Continued Improvement in Iraq in 2010

Has anyone noticed how quiet the media has been about Iraq lately? According to Bloomberg, civilian deaths from violence is down 85% from the peak. Yes, it was down 63% in 2008, 50% in 2009, and another 15% in 2010. And most fatalities that are occurring are largely due to Al Qaeda and other terrorist activities. Likewise, US military fatalities continue to decline in Iraq. According to, US military deaths in Iraq have gone from 904 in 2007, to 314 in 2008, to 149 in 2009, to 60 last year. Continued improvement but I'm not sure why the media has been so quiet.

On the other hand, military fatalities in Afghanistan have become very substantial, with very little media attention. Since Obama has entered the White House, they have gone from 155 in 2008 to 498 last year.

Let's take the time to remember the sacrifice our men have made in 2010 and will continue to make for us in 2011. And let's hope the improvement in Iraq continues and that tide starts turning in Afghanistan in 2011.