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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Dems Pass Bush Tax Cuts and Obama's Increased Spending Bill

I'm not a fan of this bill because I think it included too much pork. When people talk about the $890 billion of increased stimulus, $550 billion comes from Bush tax cuts, and $340 billion from Obama spending. Guess which part I don't support? I also believe Bush's tax cuts didn't go far enough.

But a lot has been said about this bill, and that it's the REPUBLICANS' BILL. Certainly most republicans did vote for it, but the fact remains that Obama is ramming this bill through his old Democratically controlled congress. Of course one option could have been to wait until January, but he chose to close it now because he knew he had the numbers. On the Senate side, 46 democrats and 37 republicans voted for the bill. And two dems abstained. I'm not sure how this means this is a Republican bill - I would have liked to see the vote tally with Toomey, Paul, Rubio, and Ron Johnson on the Republican side. Most senators on both sides voted for the bill, but the fact remains that even if most republicans did not vote for it, the Dems had the numbers.

I was hoping Republicans would go the way of Jim Demint and Tom Coburn (both voted against), and maybe they will next year. But looks like Obama will use every last hour to push everything thru his lameduck majority. What he'd doing of course is completely legal. Unethical yes, but legal.