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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Obama Has Control of Internet in His Sights

You'd think that November's body slam to Obama would have dented his over-inflated confidence. No chance. Obama, during his lameduck period, is looking to jam more government control onto his already impressive resume. This time it's net neutrality. The Washington Examiner opines:

Last April, a federal court told the Federal Communications Commission that it has no business regulating the Internet. Unfortunately, judicial rejection ...didn't deter Obama's FCC chairman, Julius Genachowski, from taking another whack. He's bringing a new set of proposed net neutrality regulations to the five-member panel Tuesday. Unfortunately, nobody knows any details of the new proposal because Genachowski has kept them secret until the last possible minute even as he rushed them forward for a vote. How ironic that the Internet, the great and empowering liberator of information that "wants to be free," is being chopped up behind closed doors by an unelected panel...In their net neutrality quest, Genachowski and two of his fellow Democratic appointees are working to expand government power into an area where the commission has no jurisdiction, under the guise of solving a problem that does not exist.

Sounds like Obama will force the courts to overturn his unilateral governmental takeover of the internet. Hope and change and arrogance at its best.