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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Barack Obama: Let ME Regulate You!

Barack Obama writes an op-ed to the Wall Street Journal, and although I haven't seen the commentary, I'd bet that the world, especially the MSM are going ga-ga over it and saying "Finally - This is the move to the CENTER we've been waiting for!!"

I have a different viewpoint. He wants to get credit for moving to the center but he doesn't really want to move there. He's ordering an overhaul of all regulations. I don't know about you, but I don't want Barack Obama anywhere near any new regulations. I don't like quoting pure nonsense that Obama expects us to believe but which I define as untrue rhetoric but here is one thing the great one is saying:

We're also getting rid of absurd and unnecessary paperwork requirements that waste time and money. We're looking at the system as a whole to make sure we avoid excessive, inconsistent and redundant regulation. And finally, today I am directing federal agencies to do more to account for—and reduce—the burdens regulations may place on small businesses.

Mr. President, is that why you ordered a 2000 page healthcare bill to be approved one day after it was written? Isn't this regulation which burdens small business?

Obama cannot be trusted. If Republicans fall for it, they're idiots. If America falls for it, and this allows Obama to be re-elected, it's game over for America.