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Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Speaker Boehner Vows to....Share Power with Dems?

This WSJ headline has me more than a bit bothered. According to the article,

the new speaker of the House of Representatives plans to offer a package of rule changes that, he says, will give minority-party members more of a say and decentralize power.

Decentralizing power to Republicans is fine, but giving more power to the Democrats who have basically locked out the GOP for the past two years? He did not get swept into power by conservatives to share power with Democrats - he was swept in to stop and roll back their socialist takeover of the country - and that's it.

Meanwhile in the Senate, Democrats are proposing the exact opposite - to destroy the minority rights of Republicans. (Remember the last time the GOP won power in the Senate? They gave Dems half of the committee chairmanships...)