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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Peaceful Protests from the Left

Doesn't seem like the lefties are embracing the new and improved, more friendly, less aggressive rhetoric that they all espoused when the Congresswoman from Arizona was shot. Heck, even the Prez himself said "it was an assault on the unions!" when asked about the Wisconsin supporters, indicating how he had to support those who were "assaulted."

Greg Gutfeld from Redeye calls attention to all the peaceful protests that have happened in the past month:

Recently, protesters went to a developer's house to "peacefully" hassle him because he tried to bring a Walmart to town... Then there were protesters mobbing the Wisconsin governor's home. Scott Walker's sin? Getting teachers to accept the same financial realities as the rest of us.... And, what of the protesters hitting John Boehner's apartment? They were objecting to a GOP push to ban a needle exchange program, curtail abortion funding and other stuff.

So lefties can compare a reduction in spending to a brutal assault and they can stalk people at their homes, but....

If these were Tea Partiers, you can bet it would be front page news all over the globe.