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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Is Obama Unbeatable?

Pretty hard to write that headline, as the statement is ridiculous. That said, most democratic pundits and their right-hand men, the mainstream media, seem to be pushing that story, with the hopes that it will come true.

I was reminded of this last night as I was watching Fox and someone asked Democratic Fox contributor, Kirsten Powers, "Which candidate doesn't Obama want to run against?"

Powers responded:

"No one on the GOP list is keeping Obama up at's such a weak field."

Wow! After the past 30 months, where Obama has made one mistake after another (after another after another), and the unemployment rate having risen from 6% to 9% since The Great One's election, I would have considered the President himself, a weak candidate. But that's how people perceive things now. People seem to be forgetting George H. W. Bush's 91% approval rating 20 months before the 1992 election and how he lost it. Things will be a little different for Obama as the media clearly will back him regardless.

But I also think the democratic punditry and Obama himself, might be under-estimating a few of these dark horses. After seeing the first GOP debate, I was actually impressed with 3 candidates: Ron Paul, Gary Johnson and Herman Cain. The only one who really turned me off was Pawlenty. And while I believe Ron Paul would make Obama's head spin in a debate, I still think Obama's biggest opponent might be himself.

I hope Obama goes into 2012 with that same "I AM UNBEATABLE" attitude that I have been seeing so much of over the past week. I believe, based upon what I've seen over the past three years, that he will. I also believe that this will be his downfall and that's what the rest of the country and I are counting on. A weak candidate who thinks he's great - what could be worse than that?