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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Time For Boehner To Go Soon

The CATO Institute shows that the "Boehner Plan" proposed in the House is the usual Washington, farcical proposal that claims to cut spending, when it reality, it only slows the growth from ridiculously outrageous to merely outrageous.

CATO also points out that it's been 9 months since a massive landslide election based on the theme of dramatically cutting government spending.

I like Boehner and think he is a decent, if gullible, politician. Even though he controls only the House and a plan would never be passed by the Democrat-controlled Senate or White House, he needs to pass a serious budget-cutting plan that will likely be labeled "draconian," "granny killing," etc. The only reason the GOP has the majority in the House is because people voted for them to cut spending. He's not trying, so he needs to go soon.

On the debt ceiling, there are a few options, two of which I would support Boehner as Speaker:

1) Listen to the Dems and raise taxes and/or don't cut spending. This is the likely scenario and if passed, Boehner should resign immediately.

2) Pass a bill to send to the Senate and then hold firm when they send back a Reid bill with (1) above. This would result in not meeting the debt ceiling by August 2, which would be fine in my opinion even if it triggers a temporary government shutdown until the Democrats get serious about the crisis. (The only thing that would not get paid are certain "fat cat" salaries in Washington, which is hardly a crisis.)

3) Pass nothing and wait for the White House for their specific plan. (Somehow no one is blaming Obama for this mess and it's because he hasn't presented anything specific to upset anyone even if he knows the status quo is the truly radical solution.) Again, this would likely result in a temporary government shutdown, which is fine by me.

Let's not forget what got us here. Three straight years of $1.5 trillion deficits, all while Obama/Pelosi/Reid were in charge (sure, with some help from the previous 43 presidents but to a much lesser extent). Need to just go through the temporary pain to right the ship and that time is now.