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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

McConnell To Give In To Obama on Debt Increase?

Can someone explain why the Democrats' massive spending increases have suddenly become the GOP's problem? And further, why it appears that McConnell is giving Obama everything he is asking for - an unencumbered way to raise the debt limit without altering ANY spending at all?

Since just 2008 when Pelosi, Reid and Obama have been in charge, federal spending has increased by approximately $1 trillion per year (before Obamacare, Dodd Frank and the like, which will drastically increase this number). And yet Democrats claim that the only option is to keep spending and increasing the debt by unsustainable amounts?

If McConnell gives in to Obama, the GOP might as well not run a candidate in 2012 and just accept defeat, along with the bankrupticy of the USA.

...Mitch McConnell has quickly forgotten why the Tea Party voted the GOP in last year in a massive landslide - it wasn't to give Obama free reign over the taxpayers' checkbook.