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Thursday, June 30, 2011

CNN Slams Obama

Hard to believe but CNN actually said something bad about the President, and I have to agree with them. Gloria Borger slammed him over his lack of leadership, which in all fairness, they could have done 2 yrs ago, but she's right. Obama sounded pretty silly when he criticized the US Congress in saying:

"Call me naive, But my expectation is that leaders are going to lead."

Ummm. Duh. Guess what? The President isn't leading! That might be too much to ask. And the President took jabs at Congress for taking vacation instead of handling the budget mess. Ummm...yes this is the same president who has spent about 12 weeks on the golf course over the past two years.

The President's continued to offer up small-scale and irrelevant solutions, like getting rid of tax breaks for corporate jets. $3 billion of savings is just a drop in the bucket after Obama's spend over the past two years.

Obama surely doesn't look good if his biggest promoter is turning on him.