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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Obama to Order a Third Stimulus

I think this will happen. He will call it a "JOBS PROGRAM" just so people won't be tempted to call it "stimulus" or "spending program" which Americans generally regard as Obama-faila. And if anyone opposes it, then he can say "Republicans oppose jobs!" Sound stupid? That pretty much sums up Obama's plan. Don't worry - you won't read it anywhere, that this is the strategy, but after seeing how he acts for three years, the man is so predictable.

Of course he will include an extension for unemployment benefits, which used to be 13 weeks, but under Obama, now stretches to 3 years and counting. Obama of course, will advocate extension until at least after his election - so a cool four years.

I realize being unemployed sucks for most people. But for others, having four years off, while the government pays you ain't so bad. And for Obama, hey - it'll buy a few votes.

For every dollar that Obama spends today to prop up our economy falsely, that just means we will have further to fall in the future. Hard to believe that the President of the United States cannot understand this, or it's possible he does understand it, but will sacrifice our country for his election. What did Rick Perry call this?