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Monday, August 29, 2011

What's Going On Between Barack and Michelle?

I'll start off by saying - none of mine or anyone's business! I don't care.

But I've read now for the second time in the past week, that there is or might be something going on between Michelle and Barack. The first time I read something, it was in the Boston Herald. Now this time, it's in the Washington Examiner. OK - both are two newspapers that unlike 98% of all newspapers in America, do criticize the President from time to time.

But here is what the Examiner is saying today:

...there’s something going on there. How else to explain all those vacations away from President Obama — to Florida, California, South Africa, Latin America, Colorado, Spain? (That last trip was also a “mother-daughter” jaunt, although along for the ride were 40 “family” friends and a security squad of 75 agents.) How else to explain her decision not to accompany her husband to Chicago the day before his 50th birthday, when the first couple could have spent the night in their real home?

I think the writer is being too hard on the President, for two reasons. First, most Presidents travel a lot, and President Obama travels even more - he probably has quadrupled the average mileage because he's a full-time campaigner. It's also true he spends 6 hours of his leisure time every weekend golfing, but again, who cares. Second, even if it is true, who cares? It's no one's business!

There are plenty of things to criticize the President on - I'd say 95% of his policies have been dismal failures. Let's talk about that - not his relationship with his wife.