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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Obama: The Junior High School Candidate

When I think of Obama I think of my Junior High School Election. One girl in my class campaigned on "more field trips, longer lunches, longer recesses, fewer classes." After the assembly ended, my math teacher ripped her - "That's GARBAGE! You can't promise that junk!" Everybody knew he was right. Fortunately our class was smart enough to know what she was promising was pure rubbish and we didn't vote her in. Hopefully the American electorate will also see though Obama's similar phony promises.

Obama is using the same kind of campaign promises to win. Unfortunately for us - he can do what he wants - even if it means the equivalent of longer recesses or fewer study hours for students. I'll highlight 2 things Obama talked about yesterday:

1. New student loan modification. This caps the amount a student will have to pay back annually at 10% of income. Originally this law was supposed to go into effect in 2 years but Obama's no idiot - he needs the student vote next year, so he announced it yesterday. A cap is already in place at 15%, but only 1.2% of students currently opt for this program. So who cares? Maybe another half percent will go for this program, but really, it's irrelevant. For Obama - it's a talking point - so he can say he actually did something for students and we'll continue to hear about it for the next 12 months and 1 week. But will it help? Nope.

2. New jobs for military. obama announced something to get 8000 new jobs for military veterans. Ok - what about the other 500,000? And what about the millions of other Americans out of work? Again it's something that might help 1% of the total military veterans out of work. Of course what will get people employed is a stronger economy, but under Obama's inane policies, that's not going to happen. But again, it's another "goodie" that Obama is promising to people and it gives him a talking point that he will brag about for the next 53 weeks.

More garbage in. Garbage out. When are we going to get a real president?