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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

President Golfs Again - This Time with Convict-Friend

Ok - big deal - the President golfed again - yes - we're getting used to that. Some might say - hey, what's the big deal? He's having some down time. I don't mind the leisure time at all (even if it is a lot of down time). My beef with the President's golfing is that the media treated the previous administration with such contempt every time he golfed, on the few occasions he played. Eventually he simply quit the game. Sure it was his decision, and he said he did it out of respect for the troops fighting overseas. My beef is that those troops are still overseas, and we have a President golfing again, and he's breaking records for frequency. But the media are non-existent, or simply don't care. Double standard? Those are the facts. You decide.

Yesterday, the President golfed with a long time friend who was busted a few months ago for soliciting prostitution.

My guess is that if this were GW Bush, that this would be on every front page of every newspaper worldwide. My expectation with Obama is that it is completely ignored (again).