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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Condi for VP? Hope Not

I'm not sure who will be the GOP nominee, but whoever it is, I do hope that the Washington Times (which I respect as a publication) is wrong, that Condi Rice could be the VP choice. If you've read Dick Cheney's autobiography, you'll understand why. If you haven't, then I'll sum it up: I just don't see her as a true conservative. My belief is that GW Bush had a pretty good first term, followed by a pretty bad second term, and that a good part of the reason for the stark difference is that he followed Condi's advice a lot more often in his second term. (whereas he followed Cheney's advice more in his first term).

The risk of selecting someone because they are a different gender might be greatest with Mitt Romney, as he did select Kerry Healey as Lt Governor when he was Governor of Massachusetts. Now I don't know anything about her politics at all, so I am stereotyping a little, but I'd guess that she fits the mold as "moderate Northeast Republican" which I'm not entirely comfortable about.

To me, I think someone like a Jim Demint would be the perfect VP candidate. As none of the GOP hopefuls really satisfies the Tea Party Nation, he would at least satisfy this growing part of the GOP, who largely is responsible for their landslide victories in 2010.

Many continue to suggest that Charlie Rubio would be the best, but I'd say the people who say this say it for two main reasons: 1. he is Latino (and thus he is "ground-breaking" in many people's eyes, and 2. he is from Florida, which sometimes is a swing state. I can't argue with these two facts, except that I don't think number 1 is very important. Additionally, I'd point out that his resume is very incomplete at this stage, after only 1 year as Senator. I like some of the things I hear about Rubio, but frankly, I don't know where he stands on lots of things.

On the other hand, there are no doubts where Jim Demint stands on most issues, and if he is selected, the GOP can avoid the potentially impending disaster of having a 3rd party candidate to deal with.