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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Iowa and NH Down - And it's Already Over??

After two somewhat liberal states voted in primaries, with up to an estimated 50% of votes coming from Democrats in New Hampshire, the media is telling us it's already over. Maybe it is - maybe Romney is already the chosen candidate.

But my problem is - why do the first two states that are not even close to a representative GOP sample - get an unfair proportional share of deciding who the GOP candidate is? This is why we always end up with the Doles, the McCains and the like. Yes, Reagan was the GOP candidate back in 1980, which I believe is the last time a conservative candidate was selected. It was also a very different and much more conservative New Hampshire back then.

So it goes. We are only two states in and already, the conservative choices for the nomination seem to be out of contention. I know the GOP establishment is generally much more liberal than the GOP electorate, so they love having Iowa and New Hampshire up first. But until this problem gets fixed, I believe that the GOP will continue picking the least attractive and most liberal candidate. I'm not intending to bash Romney - he has a lot of good qualities, but there's a reason why he can't get more than a 1/3 of the GOP vote.