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Friday, January 27, 2012

Theo Epstein Snubbed GW Bush in 2007

Everyone in Boston, especially the media, and even Cory Schneider, Vancouver's back-up goalie (formerly BC guy) have come out and slammed Tim Thomas for not meeting with Obama. Schneider's quote was pretty funny, and he seems to be comparing Obama with the Pope (I suspect that Schneider might have majored in either political science or religion). His quote was:

I'm not that religious but if I had the chance to meet the Pope, it'd be pretty cool... I don't believe in everything the Catholic church does, but I'd still show up to the Vatican and say Hi to the Pope.

Anyway, Howie Carr points out that in 2007 Theo Epstein snubbed George W. Bush when the Red Sox won the World Series and the rest of the team visited the White House. Did anyone report it? Did anyone care? Or is the simple answer that there is a double standard for democrats and republicans? My guess is Cory didn't care back in 2007.