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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What Were Newt's Ethics Violations Anyway?

One thing I hear a lot is Newt Gingrich and "ethics violations," although I had no idea specifically what the investigations were all about. Byron York has a very good piece that walks us through the history of the matter and it's pretty clear that this whole issue is frankly an absurd non-issue.

In short, when he was teaching in Georgia during the 90s, he taught a class called "Renewing American Civilization," which was funded in part by a non-profit (tax exempt) organization. For several years, Newt's Democrat opponents investigated whether the class was political and therefore, should not be funded by a tax-exempt organization. Newt settled the matter by paying a fine. The IRS later concluded there was no wrongdoing.

Romney can criticize Newt for a bunch of things, but this one is absurd.