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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Anyone Know Anything About Obama's Career?

Just thinking about this as Romney gets dragged through the mud for having a successful career at Bain. We also know about Newt's jobs as a consultant after he left Congress, and I've just read something about how he "had big plans to become college president" when he was just a lowly professor. Imagine that! I guy with ambition and now he wants to run for President.

Anyway, this got me to thinking. Do we know anything about Obama's pre-governmental career? Strikes me as odd that a couple of presidential contenders are getting slammed on a daily basis for what they did outside of office. Why hasn't Obama been equally criticized? And in fact, what do we really know about this supposedly "transparent" president (his words). I submit that we know very little, except that he worked for groups like ACORN, who helped inner city voters vote lots of times.

Is there a reason that we don't know more about Obama's career? Has the mainstream media avoided covering it for some reason? Maybe he really did nothing very substantial, and that's why? My guess is that many of his organizations are/were pretty activist, and he may not have accomplished much. My best guess is also that what he did accomplish may have been pretty unflattering to most people. Lastly, since the MSM wants him to win, it is likely they will not delve into the President's past unless it makes him look good. And since they haven't delved, what does that tell us?

Anyone else find it interesting that the media refuse to cover anything about Obama's previous work experience while almost every Republican candidate is under the microscope?