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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sean Bielat is Running

I don't think it's been officially announced, but it looks like Sean Bielat will be running for Congress in Massachusetts to replace the retiring Barney Frank. Whether it will be easier or harder this time around is debatable. He doesn't have to face a multi-decade incumbent, but my guess is that multi-decade incumbents are on the chopping block in 2012 and maybe Frank feared losing and that's why he retired. At any rate, it looks like Bielat might be running against a Kennedy - Joseph III. Not sure of Kennedy's qualifications per se, except he has a strong name for office in Massachusetts. Also, I do not know much about what Kennedy stands for, but if he is anything similar to his uncles and great uncles, it will likely be a contest between big government policies and free market policies from Bielat.