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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Truth Behind Ron Paul's NH Supporters

From Rush Limbaugh, who was reading some Rasmussen poll numbers.

But Ron Paul, the majority of people that voted him were not Republican. And in another poll, the percentage of Ron Paul voters who say they will vote for the Republican nominee is... like 80% of Tea Party voters in New Hampshire said no matter who the Republican nominee is they're voting for it. The Ron Paul number is 40%. Now, as I say, I've gotta double confirm. It's ostensibly Rasmussen and we're double-checking this, but what I know so far, or what I've been told is that Ron Paul supporters, 40% say they would vote for the Republican nominee, 23% said they'd vote for Obama, and 31% of Ron Paul voters said they would vote third party. So the Ron Paul voters cannot be counted on, and most of Huntsman's voters and most of Paul's voters were Democrats who walked into the New Hampshire primary, picked up a Republican ballot, also according to this polling data.

So, 54% of Ron Paul supporters would rather have Obama or a third party than vote GOP. And we're supposed to believe he has significant conservative support?