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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Newt, Ex-Wives and Obama

It is getting interesting indeed. After Newt dominated the last debate, his ratings have skyrocketed and is now actually ahead of Romney in the latest Rasmussen poll. To ABC, this is apparently the perfect time to unleash its "Newt is morally bankrupt, according to his ex-wife" story.

I think the story will probably have its desired effect of taking down Newt - just the latest in the media's desire to destroy every GOP candidate, one by one. The interesting thing is that this seems to be the most successful tactic for Obama. I know that Obama himself is not releasing the story, but isn't it a bit interesting that his supporters (media, unions, etc.) have helped him in this arena more than once. Take for example his Senate race in Chicago. Obama was losing to his primary opponent by a huge margin just prior to the election. Then his opponent's sealed divorce records mysteriously come out and Obama wins the nomination. Then he goes up against GOP candidate Jack Ryan and the same exact thing happens. And now Newt. Obama must be thanking Allah for divorces.