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Monday, March 26, 2012

The Supremes and Obamacare: Who Cares?

The Supreme Court takes up Obamacare today and all the media will be hanging on the case. But I have to ask the question: who cares what they decide anyway? Whether it's invalidated on the Commerce Clause aspect is irrelevant in my opinion. More important in my view, is how the law was passed and whether the American people want it.

First, the law that passed was a fraud. It used gimmicks and accounting fraud to claim that it was budget neutral and wouldn't cost anything. Now the CBO admits it will cost over twice as much - and that's going to be generous. It will blow a hole so large in the budget that we will be Greece by the end of the decade (if we're lucky). Next, Obamacare is terrible policy. Contrary to the Democrat arguments, the law will worsen health care, will cost a ton and will force people off their existing plans that most people generally like. Finally, it was passed without widespread support - through a reconciliation budget process without bipartisan support. Yes, the DEMS own this piece of garbage. And now 2/3 of the country now say they are opposed.

So regardless of the outcome from these 9 individuals on the Supreme Court, the law should immediately be defunded and subsequently repealed anyway.