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Monday, March 19, 2012

Mayor Bloomberg Bans Food Donations

Mayor Bloomberg has banned food donations to government run shelters that feed the homeless because of his "concern" that the food might not meet his definition of nutritious.

Forget about the absurd fact that Bloomberg believes the government knows better than private citizens about what people should eat. (Have you met government workers and believe the majority are smarter than the rest of the public?) Also forget about the fact that individual liberties continue to be taken away in the name of "benevolence" (that's always the case with communist dictatorships too).

The other important question is what a "healthy food" is. Eggs are filled with protein but may also have cholesterol. Some doctors think they are incredibly healthy; others believe you shouldn't eat them much. Same thing with soy, whole grains, carbs, sugars (even if in their natural form in fruits), and the vast majority of foods. Is it ok to have salt shakers on the tables? Is it ok to serve desserts that have lots of sugar? Everyone has a different view of what's healthy and it often varies from person to person. So it makes absolutely no sense for the government to decide what's right for everyone.

Nanny government at its worst.