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Friday, March 09, 2012

Breitbart Editor Challenged by Soledad O'Brien at CNN

Ok - one short video has been released which shows Barack Obama introducing Derrick Bell at a rally in 1991. Some may consider the significance which shows Obama's relationship with another very radical lefty. I would say if anything, it just shows Obama's consistency over the years in associating with such radicals.

Joel Pollak, the editor of was interviewed about the video by Soledad O'Brien at CNN, who obviously didn't agree that the video was significant. Her tone during the questioning was probably a little on the disrespectful side, and she must have asked in this video about 18 times, "is this the bombshell?"

It was an interesting interview, but I'd say Pollak had the upperhand. Soledad somehow reminded me of the old villain in the TV series, Columbo, who was always trying invent new reasons to justify what they were doing at the scene of the crime:

Columbo: Why were you walking your dog at 2 am?

O'Brien: Duh - because he couldn't sleep. Lots of people do that. It's completely normal. Don't you know anything?

Columbo: Why did you carry the gun?

O'Brien: Why would you even ask that? Isn't it obvious? Of course I was worried about my dog's protection! Pretty simple really.

Maybe the analogy isn't perfect, but that's what I was reminded of. Going into the interview, O'Brien was going to defend Obama no matter what was asked, and that's what she did. Too bad, she kinda ran out of information, and seemed a little uninformed.

I think this vetting process is healthy and I'd expect Breitbart will have more in the days to come. Watch the video.