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Friday, February 24, 2012

A Romney-Paul Coalition? I Doubt It

During the last debate, the first debate where Rick Santorum is actually considered the front-runner, he was challenged on many different issues by both Romney and Paul. Santorum seemed to be offended by this and even suggested a planned agreement between Romney and Paul had occurred. Now Rush seems to be suggesting this as well.

I seriously doubt this is happening as Paul and Romney are so different. But I happen to believe that at the current moment they both realize that Santorum is the biggest immediate threat so they're both trying to challenge him. It is true that in the past, Paul has defended Romney's business background when both Gingrich and Santorum criticized Romney for firing too many people. Again, this is just common sense. To criticize someone for being a successful businessman is just plain weird and I'm surprised that both Gingrich and Santorum went this route.

On the other hand, there WAS a clear agreement back in 2008 between McCain and Huckabee to go after Romney and ensure he would not be the candidate. Remember their dirty dealings in West Virginia in 2008? For some reason, this was hardly ever talked about.

I actually agree with many of Santorum's views and on most issues, he's a reasonable candidate. But it's also fair game that he is challenged about his voting record while he was a senator. Why does this have to be a conspiracy? I doubt it is.